Is it safe to ride a bike in Bali?

Safe bike driving in Bali

It depends on many factors. Bali is undoubtedly a great place to ride a bike thanks to its scenic roads and trails, beautiful views and warm climate. However, as in any other part of the world there are risks involved in handling the traffic.

In Bali the roads may be different from what you are used to seeing in your home country. They can be poorly lit and have narrow curves and steep gradients. You can see a lot of broken-down vehicles and some drivers breaking the rules of the road.

You may also encounter various cultural and language barriers on the island which can make it difficult to communicate with locals if you encounter problems on the road.

In general, it is recommended that you observe the traffic rules, pay attention, respect the speed limit, wear a safety helmet and do not ride whilst intoxicated. If you are unsure of your bike riding skills or do not have a driving licence, it is recommended that you take lessons from a reputable motorbike school and obtain an Indonesian licence or refrain from using your bike or other vehicles to avoid situations that could lead to serious consequences.

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