A scooter or a car: what’s best in Bali?

In Bali, this question is as significant and important as “To be or not to be?” :) All tourists and those who’ve been here for a while are tormented by the choice of what’s best to rent on the island: a scooter or a car? Of course, the ideal option is when you have both, but sometimes it turns out to be quite expensive.

Today we’ll try to understand all the advantages of renting a motorbike or a car and help you make this difficult choice.

So, let's start with the advantages of renting a motorbike:

  • One of the most important advantages is the price. Renting a motorbike is definitely cheaper than any kind of car for the same period of time.

  • On the motorbike you are more mobile, can bypass traffic jams and quickly move between different areas of the island.

  • With the motorbike you won’t have any issues finding parking and can easily maneuver in the very narrow streets of Bali.

  • Motorbike also allows you to go to places where cars can’t go, such as riding along the small paths of rice terraces.

  • Well, the biggest advantage of traveling around the island on a motorbike is the buzz! Believe me, feeling the freedom and the wind is a special pleasure.

Bike in Bali, photo №1
Bike in Bali, photo №2
Bike in Bali, photo №3

Choose a bike that you like and go on an adventure!

A car also has its advantages, let's consider them below:

  • A car is very convenient if you are traveling with friends or with children. When you and your friends drive in the same car, it is much nicer for communication and interaction than riding on different bikes and constantly waiting for each other.

  • Also, the car will be much more comfortable in bad weather or during extreme heat: you will not get wet or get a burn. Imagine driving a car at noon, with the air conditioning and pleasant music turned on. You will definitely not be envious of passing motorbikes!

  • Driving a car in Bali is easier than riding a motorbike, especially so if you have experience driving in a different country or at home. Also, most often, many people already have a car driving license.

  • Another interesting point is that traffic police rarely stop cars to check documents or due to any traffic violations.

  • Driving a car is comfortable and clearly wins compared to a motorbike if you are planning a long trip around the island.

  • Another advantage of a car is that you have a carboot for traveling with suitcases or a lot of stuff. This can be a very important point.

  • Well, and the main advantage of traveling by car in Bali is safety. In the event of a road accident, in a car you will be more protected. Moreover, in a car you can safely use navigators or a phone and not be afraid that someone might steal it out of your hands (of course, if the car windows are closed :))

    In general, we advise you to choose a vehicle based on your needs, plans and situation - everyone is different. And don’t be afraid to try: if you rented one vehicle and changed your mind, with us it’s easy to get a replacement!

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