16 Rules on How a Passenger Should Behave on a Motorbike

Many people think that it is easy to be a motorbike passenger: you just sit down and go. However, only a few people know that the passenger affects the safety of the trip to the same degree as the driver does.

Today let’s talk about how to safely ride a bike in a passenger seat.

Boarding a passenger on a bike
A driver with a passenger on a bike

Let's start with a few of the most important rules that apply to the driver:

  • If you are driving a bike for the first time, or are just learning to drive and still do not have a lot of experience, do not offer a seat to a passenger! Really, it is a very bad idea to do so. You can start riding together with somebody else only when you are already confident enough in your driving skills and feel calmer on the road.

  • It is a duty of a competent driver to clearly and understandably convey all the elements of proper motorbike behaviour to his or her passenger - after all, lives of both the passenger and the driver can depend on this rule.

The third rule is important for both the driver and the passenger - make sure you ride in a helmet! It does not matter whether it is a five-minute drive to the store or a ride to the beach - the helmet must be worn and fastened at all times!We strongly recommend that motorbike drivers do not accept passengers without a helmet: after all, you are responsible for their lives!

How should a good motorbike passenger behave?

  • Psychology is very important. The passenger must have complete confidence in the driver. He must also have the ability to feel body language and act as a unit with the driver. If you do not have this confidence and positive emotions, it is better not to get on the motorbike at all.

  • As a passenger, you must remember one of the basic rules: all actions with the motorbike are controlled by the driver. He is in charge. The driver tells when to get on the motorbike and when to get off. At these moments, he will be ready for your actions and they will not come as a surprise to him.

  • Getting on the motorbike correctly is also important.Firstly, you need to sit down in a way that you feel the body of the driver. This is important so that you understand what happens when the driver shifts his center of gravity, for example, when entering a turn, and you move simultaneously.As a passenger, you need to act as if you are an extension of the driver.Secondly, make sure that you are comfortable from the start so that you do not have to change your position and fidget during the trip.Thirdly, you must evenly distribute your body weight, so that you do not fall on your left or your right side.
Make sure to place your feet on the footrests.

  • When riding, it is imperative to maintain your balance and do not shift your center of gravity.When you roll from side to side on the motorbike, you change the center of gravity of the entire motorbike and it can be very difficult for the driver to maintain it, especially if your weight is similar. The passenger must understand that he also partially controls the motorbike when changing the weight distribution.Also, while driving, your body should be slightly tilted forwards. Never lean back, because in case of a rapid start or a maneuver, if you lean back, you may easily fly off the bike.

  • Do not try to "help" driving the motorbike. Some passengers try to “assist driving” by moving their weight in the opposite direction from the driver - such actions can easily lead to an accident.

An example of getting on a bike
Pair bike ride

How to stay on a motorbike? There are a number of rules here too. Let's go over them:

  • When riding, it is best for the passenger to hold on to the bike, not the driver, so as not to interfere or hinder his actions.

  • Before starting the trip, check how it will be comfortable for you to hold on: with your hands on the sides of the bike or with your hands back. At the same time, try to wrap your hips tightly around the driver, so that you have additional fixation.

  • If you are holding onto the driver, the most important rule is not to restrain or interfere with his movements. Do not tightly grasp him or her with your hands! Wrap your knees tightly around the driver, and hold your hands around his or her waist.

During the ride, you should at least not interfere, and at most help the driver as much as possible. What does this mean?

  • Do not do anything unexpectedly. Do not shout, flinch or grab the driver. Remember that some of your sudden actions can lead to an accident!

  • Do not distract the driver. Especially do not do so if the driver is not yet experienced enough. Do not meddle with conversations or any comments about the traffic.

  • If you are giving directions, report turns and lane changes in advance.

The most important thing that the passenger should remember from this article is that he or she, like the driver, also influences and is responsible for the safety of the trip. Therefore, please, if you decide to ride a motorbike as a passenger, be serious and responsible about it.

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