Do I need insurance for my bike in Bali?

Bike riding in Bali

Bike insurance in Bali is not compulsory but is recommended for all tourists planning to rent a bike during their trip. This is due to the high risk of accidents on the island.

Most bike rental companies provide insurance as an optional service. It usually includes basic coverage in case the bike is damaged or stolen. There is a format of so-called "verbal" insurance - often used in small rental shops or private rentals. It looks something like this: if you rent a bike for IDR 100,000 per day, the renter may offer you a price of IDR 130,000 as long as he is responsible for all costs in case of an accident. We recommend that you insist that the bike rental agent sign a contract with you and include this in it.

Don't risk your safety and your finances; try to find a way to get your bike insured. This will help you avoid unexpected costs and protect you in the event of an accident or theft.

If you have an accident with other people involved, the most important thing is to make sure no-one else is seriously injured. If the damage is minor, it's best to deal with it on the spot and not attract attention. Remember, if you do not have an open Class A driving licence, the police will find you guilty in any event. If you are involved in an accident and cannot resolve it yourself, get in touch with the company where you hired the bike or car so that they can help you resolve the situation as cost-effectively as possible. Stay at the scene of the accident even if you think you are innocent. Otherwise, the situation will only get worse.

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