How much does it cost to buy a bike in Bali?

Honda Vario

On average, a budget version of a bike can cost between Rs 10 million and 20 million ($700 to $1400). However, if you are looking for a better-quality bike, such as the popular Honda PCX or Yamaha Nmax, the price can be as high as Rs 30-40 million ($2,100-$2,800) and higher.

When you buy a new bike from a showroom, you will be required to have a passport, a KITAS and a local SKTT registration. If you don't have a KITAS, you can register the bike with a local person, but it must be someone you trust. Keep in mind that there are long waiting lists for popular models, and customers have to wait 3 to 4 months for a purchase. In some salons, it is possible to speed up the process for an additional fee.

Buying a used bike is very common. It is easier, quicker and cheaper. If you buy it off hand, make sure the seller has all the necessary paperwork, such as STNK and BPKB. Otherwise, you may run into problems from local authorities or fraud.

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