How to choose a scooter in Bali? 6 Main Rules
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  • How to choose a scooter in Bali? 6 Main Rules

How to choose a scooter in Bali?

The word scooter (that's how we name the vehicle in the article) usually means not very big by our standards motorcycle. There are usually scooters 125-160cc with variable speed drive, classic stool seat, and small trunk under the seat, sometimes with the case that is fixed additionally.

scooter bali
scooter bali

You need a scooter to move comfortably and not in a hurry on business or for pleasure, to different destinations; it’s run very simply. Apart from that it’s very economical, cheap and simple in service; that’s why they are so popular as means of transport in warm countries (and not only).

Somebody might think that it's whether not a serious vehicle or too complicated to ride it; but it's both not true.

The first thing is you don't need large and powerful motorcycles in Bali; as traffic here is really heavy, you need easy measurable vehicle. You can get stuck in a traffic jam easily. In this situation you need a variable speed drive that all scooters have – you don’t need to think about gear and clutch and also power is enough, because all speeds are low in Bali, nobody is using supersport transmission for 150 km/h.

Scooter is used in Bali as the main and often the only transport for all occasions. So you don't have to be surprised when 5 people ride one scooter or somebody is carrying a fridge on it.

езда на байке на Бали
motobike bali

Secondly, you should remember that a scooter is a potentially dangerous stuff, and if you’re careless about how to choose and ride it, you might get into problem, so take it seriously to avoid any problem and enjoy the ride.

How to choose the scooter, is what we are going to talk about now.

How to choose the right scooter?

You should ask yourself some questions and consider the answers before you choose a scooter.

Question 1. What is my driving experience?

If you don't have any driving experience, you should take very easygoing, light and simple in navigation scooter with the least cost of the repair; you will for sure fall down, don't even hope to avoid it, so be ready to get injured and to damage your scooter. Don't forget the gear, at least you will need a helmet; you should make a medical insurance and also a damage insurance for the scooter.

The first driving lessons on a light and easygoing scooter will make you feel confident. We recommend you to have lessons with an instructor, who will teach you not only how to drive, but also how to enjoy the ride and do it in the safe way.

The best choice for you in this case is Honda Vario 125, Honda Scoopy or Yamaha Lexi 125.

байк Yamaha Lexi
байк Honda Vario

If you're already experienced in driving a motorcycle, scooter or any other vehicle of that type, than everything is much easier; you just need to pick a more powerful and a bigger one to feel the fun of speedy ride – you will feel more comfortable, the ride will be more fast and fun. Don’t forget about local peculiarities like driving on the left, intense traffic, narrows roads and no road regulations.

First, you have to try the scooter in a place without people. Before you go to the road with traffic, ride eights, feel the scooter, how it starts, its weight and capacity, try contrdriving and brakes.

If there’s a driver and a passenger take Yamaha Aerox 155, which is very fast; if there are driver with passenger better take Yamaha NMax the seat is larger and There’s more room for your legs.

байк Yamaha Aerox
байк Yamaha NMax

Question 2. What’s my height, weight and how fit I am?

Yes, even girls should answer this question honestly:)

You should choose a bike according to your physical parameters – if you are not very tall and heavy, take a smaller, lighter and an easier one; for a slim girl, or not very heavy man the best choice is Honda Vario 125.

If you’re higher, bigger and fitter, take more powerful and a larger scooter; you will feel more comfortable. The best choice is Yamaha Aerox 155 and Yamaha NMax 155.

Question 3. What distance am I going to make? How many kilometers am I going to ride for a day?

If you are going to have short trips, then everything is very simple and almost every scooter fits you; It’s even better to take a small one for 125cc.

If you are going to have long rides with luggage and a passenger, then you'd better take more spacious and comfortable scooter with longer base like NMax 155.

Question 4. Who I’m going to ride with on a scooter? What am I going to carry on a scooter?

If you are going to carry something heavier and bigger than a backpack or just a bag by scooter and also to ride with a passenger, you should think about more space for the passenger and place for luggage; NMax 155 is a perfect option. Lexi 125 also fits this; you can put the backpack or the bag on its large feet space.

Don't forget that you can take a luggage case up to 45 liters, which is enough to place there an average size backpack.

байк на Бали
скутер на Бали
байк на Бали

Question 5. What do I need from the scooter? What do I need it for?

If you just need a scooter as a transport for you and your passenger for an unhurried ride, then you can take almost any scooter: Honda Vario 150, NMax or Aerox.

If you enjoy riding and traveling to far places, then there is a good option for you – Yamaha XMax 250!

Question 6. This is the last question, but probably you need to ask yourself first: do I really need a scooter?

You need the scooter for sure even if you don't have any driving experience. Simply because by scooter you can visit more places and spend less time on that; it’s easier for you to travel, you don't depend on transfer, and you have more opportunities to go somewhere, bring something, see something, buy whatever or just go to the beach. It's also good for your budget: to take a taxi or rent a car is more expensive than to rent a scooter. Also the scooter will make you more involved in Bali life, you will feel the place, it's flavor, beauty and some special things about it. Scooter will give you a lot of amazing experience, because driving in a beautiful place is a special joy, it gives the feeling of wings and freedom; all your impressions are vivid and special with the scooter.

In one word, scooter means freedom – that's why you need it!

байк Бали
скутер Бали
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