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Why us?
Free delivery
We have a free delivery to the most popular tourist areas: Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Benoa, Kuta, Seminyak,
Canggu, Uluwatu, Sanur and Bukit area (the peninsula at the southern tip of Bali).
Excellent service
More than a hundred reviews and recommendations in our topic on BaliForum!
An option to get an insurance
Get an insurance and enjoy your holidays without any worries!
What is important to know before renting a bike
To get our insurance no documents required!
1. With the insurance called "Incredibly amazing" you don't have to worry about any damages. Just
enjoy your holidays! We will take care of all the repair costs! The price of such insurance for the whole
rental period is only $30. An official dealer will charge you at least $10 to replace just one scratched part.

2. Insurance called * SUPER * 😎 includes * ONLY * hijacking. The cost of such insurance is $ 40. Payment only by * rupees *!

Bike delivery
We DELIVER FOR FREE to the following areas: Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Benoa, Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu,
Uluwatu, Sanur and all areas of Bukit (Bukit covers all the southern part of Bali). That applies to pick up

We CHARGE FOR THE DELIVERY to: the East, North and West of the island 300 000 IDR - $22, delivery to
Ubud is 100 000 IDR/~$7.1.
Same prices apply to pick up.
How to book a bike?
Fill out and send over the reservation form or contact us in WhatsApp.

The booking is made upon online prepayment by credit card of 100 000 IDR (around $7).

The rest of the cost must be paid in Indonesian rupiah upon the bike delivery.

If you are already in Bali, you can make a prepayment in cash through Indomaret stores.
Bikes condition
Stay calm, the brakes of our bikes are always under control! Our bikes are all made after 2016 and undergo maintenance every 2000 km. The maintenance procedures include: checking brakes, gearbox and injector, checking the condition of ties, changing oil.
How to choose a bike?
If your total weight (a boy + a girl) does not exceed 160 kg then pick Yamaha Lexi or Vario 125cc, otherwise you better
go with Yamaha Aerox 155cc or Yamaha Nmax 155 cc or Honda Vario 150cc.
Do you need a license to rent a bike?
An international drivers' license is not required to rent a bike!
Two standard helmets come with the bike.
You can also rent a full face helmet. The price for one is 250 000 IDR/$17 for the whole rental period!
What are the most common reasons to get a fine for traffic violations in Bali?
Crossing the stop line, driving without helmet, carrying more than 1 passenger.
Can I take a bike to another island?
It has to be agreed with us.
Photos of clients
Our clients reviews
We rented a bike for 10 days. Everything was cool! They delivered a bike to the hotel early in the morning as we asked, picked it up from another place, did us a favor and let us keep the bike till the evening! The bike was in excellent condition, we had no complains about its exterior and technical
parameters! The price was good, better than in other rental places. Guys are always in touch and easy to deal with. I am very happy with the service, highly recommend!
(26/05/2018, link to review)
Irina Barinovskaya
We rented a bike from the guys in early May! Everything was accurate, they delivered to the right place on time, a new and beautiful, insured and fully fueled bike with two helmets, guys instructed us on therules of operation but it didn't help us. We are sorry for a headlamp. Guys stayed in touch 24/7 and
answered all our questions! We are going to come back at the end of August, now we know where to rent a bike (if they will give it to us)
(21/05/2018, link to review)
Dr. Tsivareva
We rented a bike in April for 19 days. They delivered it on time and picked it up without any problem from a convenient location. Guys were always fast with the answers to our questions. Bike was inexcellent condition (we have what to compare with). Helmets were also in good condition. Russian speaking manager was a big advantage for us. Recommend to everybody!!! Book in advance.
(14/05/2018, link to review)
Hello, everybody! We spent in Bali 17 days – it is a paradise there, guys.. It is important to rent a bike, that's what we did, otherwise you will not see all the beauty of the island and will not feel its local atmosphere..We rented a bike for 14 days, they have a hotel delivery, the price and quality are great! We had a pleasant experience)) highly recommend to everybody!)
(24/09/2017, link to review)
Prudnikov Alex
Hello, everybody! We rented a bike for 13 days , the representative of the company delivered the bike right to the hotel, advised on the local style of driving and even helped to get a local sim-card))) The bike was in excellent condition and I enjoyed the communication with a Russian speaking representative! Recommend!)
(08/10/2017, link to review)
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