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  • – clean helmets!

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Honda Vario 125

Honda Vario 125

The most popular and cheap motor bike
600 000 Rp. (~$40) per month
65 000 Rp.(~$4) per day

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Yamaha Nmax 155

Yamaha Nmax 155

Very comfortable maxi scooter. The best choice for two!
1 100 000 Rp. (~$75) per month for model 2019
120 000 Rp.(~$7.5) per day

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Yamaha Lexi 125

Yamaha Lexi 125

A convenient alternative to Vario
800 000 Rp. per month
80 000 Rp. (~$5) per day

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Yamaha Aerox 155

Yamaha Aerox 155

A comfortable dynamic classy bike.
1 000 000 Rp. (~$68) per month
100 000 Rp.(~$6.2) per day

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Honda Vario 150

Honda Vario 150

More powerful version of popular Vario.
900 000 Rp. (~$61) per month
90 000 Rp.(~$5.6) per day

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Honda Scoopy 110

Honda Scoopy 110

New! Graceful, miniature bike
600 000 Rp. (~$40) per month
65 000 Rp.(~$4) per day

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Yamaha XMax 250

Yamaha XMax 250

Faster, higher, stronger! The most comfortable and powerful bike.
3 000 000 Rp. (~$205) per month
280 000 Rp. (~$17.4) per day

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Yamaha All New Nmax 155 '2020

Yamaha All New Nmax 155 '2020

The most comfortable bike for two in a new look

1 500 000 Rp. (~$103) per month
120 000 Rp. (~$7.5) per day

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Yamaha All New Nmax 155 '2021

Yamaha All New Nmax 155 '2021

The most comfortable bike for two in a new look

1 500 000 Rp. (~$119) per month
120 000 Rp. (~$7.5) per day

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Our key benefits

  • Scooters and cars in perfect condition

  • Free delivery and pick up

  • Damage and hijacking insurance

  • Thousands of positive reviews from our client

  • Quick and friendly support!

  • No deposit for rent!

We have the trust of many customers!

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  • How to choose a scooter?

    If the total weight of 2 passengers is not more than 160 kg, the best options are Yamaha Lexi or Vario 125сс.

    If the total weight of 2 passengers is more than 160 kg, the best options are Yamaha Aerox 155сс, Yamaha Nmax 155сс or Honda Vario 150cc.

    To enjoy more comfortable travelling around the island, we advise you to rent Yamaha Nmax 155сс.

  • Condition of scooters

    Make sure the brakes in our scooters are in perfect condition!

    We provide scooters:

    • Vario 125 – all models of the year 2019;
    • Vario 150 – all models of the year 2019;
    • Lexi 125 – 90% models of the year 2019;
    • Nmax 155 – 90% models of the year 2019;
    • New Nmax  - 100% models of the year 2020;
    • Aerox 155 – 90% models of the year 2019;
    • Xmax 250 – 90% models of the year 2019;
    • ADV 150 - 90% models of the year 2019.

    We don't have any scooters of the year 2017!

    We provide maintenance servicing every 2000 km, including brakes, automatic transmission, injector, tires check, and also oil change.

  • Insurance for scooter

    No documents are required to make our insurance!

    *1*. If you take damage insurance you don't need to worry about any damages of your scooter. You can just enjoy your vacations – we provide the whole recovery of your scooter, from small to total repair!

    This type of insurance costs 30 USD (420 000 IDR) for the whole rental period. Hijacking is not included! We accept payment only on Indonesian rupiahs. An authorized dealer provides the replacement of 1 scratched part on average for 20 USD.

    *2*. Hijacking insurance only includes hijacking. This type of insurance costs 39 USD (560 000 IDR). We accept payment only on Indonesian rupiahs.

    *3*. Special offer! You can buy both insurances for 49 USD (700 000 IDR)!*

  • Delivery and return of scooters

    We deliver scooters for free to the main districts of the island: Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Benoa, Kuts, Seminyak, Canggu, Uluwatu, Sanur, and all area of Bukit (Bukit is in the southern part of Bali).

    We also deliver scooters for free to our point at the airport.

    We deliver scooters only to the hotel or villa where you are registered; we don’t deliver it to beaches, shops, stops, restaurants, etc. We provide free delivery from 10 a.m. to 7 pm. This schedule also applies to the return of scooters.

    Pay delivery and scooter’s return is provided to the eastern, northern and western parts of the island. The price is 500 000 IDR (around 35 USD).

  • What helmets do you provide?

    We provide for free 2 helmets with vizors together with a scooter. Honda helmets are always in a very good condition.

    If you don’t want to wear a secondhand helmet for any reasons we can rent you a brand new, three quarters closed helmet for 140 000 IDR.

    We also can rent you full-face helmets for 250 000 IDR (16 USD) for 1 helmet for the whole time.

  • What scooter fits most for two persons?

    All our scooters fit for two persons.

    You will feel good even on Vario 125сс and Vario 150cc, but if you would like to have a more comfortable ride, you should try Yamaha Lexi 125, Yamaha Aerox 155сс or Yamaha Nmax 155сс.

  • Is it necessary to have a driving license to rent a scooter in Bali?

    We can help with obtaining a local driver's license for a bike, motorcycle or car.

    But we do not require the presence of category A in a driver's license or in an IDL with a category A to rent a bike. In order to avoid problems with the police, it is better to think about your driver's license in advance.

  • What are the main penalties for violations of the traffic in Bali?
    • Crossing the stop-line on the red traffic light. The amount of penalty is from 500 000 to 1 000 000 IDR;
    • Driving a scooter without a helmet. The amount of penalty is from 250 000 to 500 000 IDR;
    • Passenger doesn’t wear a helmet. The amount of penalty is from 250 000 to 500 000 IDR;
    • Driving a scooter without an international driving license (category A). The amount of penalty is from 1 000 000 to 500 000 IDR.
  • Is it possible to travel by scooter or car on another island?

    Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons why travelling to other islands isn’t possible at this time:

    1. There is no good road coverage on neighboring islands, roads are mainly gravel, and the asphalt can suddenly end after a turn.
    2. We don’t have a representative office on the neighboring islands and in case of a breakdown of the vehicle we won’t be able to help you.
    3. There are more cases of theft of vehicles in neighboring islands; it might happen that you could appear in a deserted place without a vehicle and communication.

    You can always rent a vehicle on a neighboring island. When you just step on the island, locals offer you many options; you have only to choose the best one. Also nobody tries to steal or specially break the vehicle. You will also save money on transferring the vehicle from Bali to the neighboring island. You can leave the vehicle for the period of your trip at our parking for free. You can also leave your vehicle at the parking of your hotel or at the closest to the harbor hotel. You just need to pay 10 000-15 000 IDR per night.

    If you very much need to go to the neighboring island by our vehicle, you have to give us a deposit in the amount of the total market price of the vehicle.

  • Can I transfer the rented scooter to another person?

    If the rental period is not over yet and you no longer need a vehicle, you can transfer the scooter to another person. To do this, you need to contact our manager and ask to reissue the contract for another person. It will cost 10 USD.

  • Can I pay with the bank card online?

    You can make a deposit or full payment with any Visa and Master card (in any currency).

    The deposit is necessary for your reservation. The payment is secured.

  • Refund Policy
    1. If for any reason you have changed the dates of your trip, you don’t need to worry about the payment you’ve made. Payment can be used later or given to another person. The payment remains and can be used at any time.

  • How to carry your stuff on the bike?

    If you are going to travel a lot around the island and change your residence, it’s better to carry your stuff in in a 35-liter backpack instead of a suitcase.

    A 35-liter backpack can be placed in the luggage case. It’s a plastic box attached to the scooter as a trunk. The volume of the case is 42 liters.

    Cases are available for all models of scooters. It costs 350 000 IDR for the entire rental period.

Our client's photos

More photos in Instagram @balimotion.bali

look other photos in Instagram @balimotion.bali

Reviews from our clients

  • Comfort, safety and the best bikes We rented a bike for two weeks and were completely satisfied. BaliMotion friends advised us and we did not regret it. We booked a bike in advance, wrote to WhatsApp, we were given detailed information and helped with the choice of model. Booked on the site and made an advance payment of 10%, the remaining amount was paid on the spot (you can pay everything immediately online). They brought us a bike and wrote that they were waiting for us near the hotel. All showed, told and answered all questions. Everything without pitfalls in the contract is clear, clear and understandable. We sent recommendations with all the nuances on the island, and we also asked for help with driving and we were advised who to contact (a young man arrived and taught the basics of driving and gave recommendations, for which many thanks. I didn’t manage mainly on previous trips bike, so we decided to remember with a professional.) The bike itself, helmets - everything was working properly and without any nuances! Our black beast has never failed :) Picked up at a clearly agreed time! We were not in Bali for the first time and we know what troubles you can encounter when renting, so we recommend BaliMotion with confidence. The guys are ready to help and answer all your questions! Next time only to them!
    10/04/2020 review link
  • Things are good! Great bikes!! They brought the bike and then also took it! Technical Support 24/7
    26/03/2020 review link
  • Everything is super! Great service, new bike, new helmets. I'm glad I contacted this company. Everything is clear, fast and without problems. They brought and took the bike at the appointed time! 24-hour support, everything you need for a great vacation! I will definitely use it next time!
    19/03/2020 review link
  • A cool bike rental company. I ordered a bike for 10 days. Everything went super, we brought in a hotel at the time, great new bikes, nice prices, you can order extended insurance and not be afraid for your bike. They also took the time, bike condition for 5 +. I advise everyone.
    16/03/2020 review link
  • Great service, fresh, amazing motorbikes We were amazed by how the service works. Especially, the support team, which responds with the lightning speed, it was great! I also liked the presence of two types of insurance, which we actually purchased) The motorbike delivery option is awesome. We also liked the motorbike very much - Honda Vario, but for the second time, we will book something more powerful, Nmax, for example. Though, Yamaha Xmax is my next go-to goal!
    13/03/2020 review link
    Nestor S
  • The best place to rent the bike on Bali. Bike was in good condition almost brand new, with low mileage. No issues were faced during rental. Highly recommend
    15/01/2020 review link
    Kirill Shchurenko
  • Loved it We rented a scooter for 5 days at first but soon came to the conclusion we wanted to extend our rental period. I just send them a message on WhatsApp asking to add a few more days, not a problem! The bike itself was great: we rented the Lexi. Powerful an a bit bigger than the Vario, great for 2 people. They also sent a detailed list of things to pay attention to when driving in Bali. Conclusion: great service, great bike and great price.
    21/08/2019 review link
  • Hello, everybody! We spent in Bali 17 days – it is a paradise there, guys.. It is important to rent a bike, that's what we did, otherwise you will not see all the beauty of the island and will not feel its local atmosphere..We rented a bike for 14 days, they have a hotel delivery, the price and quality are great! We had a pleasant experience)) highly recommend to everybody!)
    29/03/2019 review link
    Prudnikov Alex
  • We rented a bike in April for 19 days. They delivered it on time and picked it up without any problem from a convenient location. Guys were always fast with the answers to our questions. Bike was inexcellent condition (we have what to compare with). Helmets were also in good condition. Russian speaking manager was a big advantage for us. Recommend to everybody!!! Book in advance.
    29/03/2019 review link
  • We rented a bike from the guys in early May! Everything was accurate, they delivered to the right place on time, a new and beautiful, insured and fully fueled bike with two helmets, guys instructed us on therules of operation but it didn't help us. We are sorry for a headlamp. Guys stayed in touch 24/7 and answered all our questions! We are going to come back at the end of August, now we know where to rent a bike (if they will give it to us)
    29/03/2019 review link
    Dr. Tsivareva
  • We rented a bike for 10 days. Everything was cool! They delivered a bike to the hotel early in the morning as we asked, picked it up from another place, did us a favor and let us keep the bike till the evening! The bike was in excellent condition, we had no complains about its exterior and technical parameters! The price was good, better than in other rental places. Guys are always in touch and easy to deal with. I am very happy with the service, highly recommend!
    29/03/2019 review link
    Irina Barinovskaya

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BaliMotion.pro is the best scooter rental service in Bali.

Having a wealth of experience and hundreds of positive client reviews on TripAdvisor and Google, we know precisely what's needed for an unforgettable holiday in Bali.

There are only 3 ingredients for a perfect holiday:

  • Sun.
  • Ocean.
  • A vehicle.

The first two ingredients are constantly there, and we will organise the third one. We have amazing scooters no older than 2018 year of release. The motorbikes always come serviced and ready for any journey.

All vehicles are being checked and serviced prior to rental start date.

For most regions of the island, we will deliver and collect motorbikes free of charge.

Our specialists are always there to help, and if something goes wrong, we will never leave you alone. Giving an advice, helping out or repairing - all is done with an open heart and best intentions.

Our park is made up of 8 main scooter models, matching every taste and level of experience. If you have never rode a motorbike before, our experienced instructors will help you to learn.

Having our motorbike for your holiday will be an unforgettable experience. On top of everything else, we will provide you with a lifehack guide on how to safely travel around the island.