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Reliable bike or car is going to accompany your trips around Bali in the best way! If you contact BaliMotion.pro, you’ll get the best rental service in Bali. It makes us proud how we managed everything. We have license, lease agreements, insurance, trained stuff, and big experience in car and bike rental. We are always in touch and ready to help you if something happens on the road.

Our staff will deliver the vehicle directly to your hotel, help you choose the insurance, and tell you some details of car and bike handling in Bali.


BaliMotion.pro The men who deliver bikes are important part of our cohesive team. These guys deliver you bikes right on time, despite rain or heat. They know how to avoid traffic jams and take the shorter ways to deliver you the vehicle at a scheduled time. Our deliverymen are very responsible, not like most of locals. They are always friendly and smiling. Each deliveryman is trained before he starts his work, they all have driving license and know how to handle vehicles.

Our park

BaliMotion.proAll our bikes are not older tan 2019 year. You can be sure that we look carefully after them. We check the technical state and the outlook of every bike precisely before each delivery. We try to get new bikes in our park so you can always travel on new ones.

BaliMotion.proWe also have in our park perfect cars for your trips, which can fit from 4 to 7 seats. All cars are not older than 2018 year, with automatic transmission and air conditioning. As well as bikes we check the technical state and outlook of cars before we deliver it to the clients.

Our vehicles will make you trip pleasant and easygoing!

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Nos principaux avantages

  • Scooters et voitures en parfait état

  • Livraison et retrait gratuits

  • Assurance dommages et détournement

  • Des milliers d'avis positifs de notre client

  • Support rapide et convivial!

  • Pas de caution à louer!

We have the trust of many customers!

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